School academics encompass a diverse range of subjects, nurturing the intellectual curiosity of students and shaping their future pursuits.

Achievements with regard to
High Scores

Academic achievement is important for the successful development of young people in society. We are proud to announce the achievers in the CBSE and State SSLC examinations for the year 2023 - 24.



Kushal S


Harini M


Dhunn S. Gandhi


Diya J. Singh





Shreeraksha K. J


Bavana S


Kushal V


Suhana M


Likitha R

Rules and Regulations

The school diary must be brought to the school every day duly signed by the parent or guardian.

The school gates will be opened only at 8:15 am. The students are permitted to enter the school premises only after 8:15 am

The school bell rings at 8:40 am, children must be present in the school premises by 8:30 am

The school day begins with an assembly and students must be on time. Late comers to school will be reprimanded.

Pupil must be punctual and regular in attending the school and must complete the assigned work regularly.

Uniform code should be followed as per the protocol.

Regularly 90% attendance is compulsory. Shortage of attendance results in detaining the child in the same class.

Students remaining absent for any reason what so ever must bring an explanatory letter from the parent or guardian. Failure to comply will result in appropriate action.

Sick leave: If a student is away from school for three or more days due to reasons of sickness a valid medical certificate must be produced along with an letter, failing which appropriate action will be taken.

Students suffering from contagious diseases will not be permitted to attend the school ill he/she is completely cured. A medical certificate should be provided to state that he/she is to attend the school.

Requests for half a day leave, departure from school before the scheduled time etc, are not entertained.

Leave for going out of station should be approved by the principal prior to proceeding on leave.

Parents are requested to visit the school for all their transactions only on during office hours on working days.

It is not advisable to meet the teachers on weekdays as they would be busy with their academic responsibilities. In case of urgency, prior appointment should be taken to meet the teachers.

Parents can meet the Principal on any working day with a prior appointment as per the schedule given.

Parents visiting the school must go to the school office first, and not to the Principal's office directly.

All queries in academic matters should be referred to the Principal through the class teacher. The school administrative staff/ancillary staff are committed to give the best possible assistance and support to the parents. Please be polite and courteous while interacting with