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AUDEN....Path to the world of knowledge

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Bangalore, Auden School stands as a pinnacle of academic excellence and holistic development. As a celebrated CBSE Schools in Bangalore, we are dedicated to nurturing young minds in a dynamic and supportive environment.

Our curriculum, aligned with the CBSE framework, is thoughtfully designed to foster intellectual, emotional, and ethical growth. We understand that education is not just about academic scores but about shaping well-rounded individuals. That's why at Auden, we emphasize experiential learning, encouraging students to explore, question, and innovate. Small classes and diverse extracurriculars, from sports to arts, prepare students for future challenges.

At Auden School, we believe in building a community where students, teachers, and parents come together to create an environment of mutual respect and lifelong learning. Join us on this extraordinary journey of discovery and growth at one of Bangalore's finest CBSE schools.






Holistic Education at Auden

Aiding the overall grooming of the child through Academics, Sports and Activities, Events and Competitions, Skilled Faculty, and Amenities


Academics encompasses more than just textbooks and exams. With recent technological integrations and life skills, we develop the global perspective among the children.


Leadership qualities are instilled in students through dedicated and goal-oriented mindset with adaptability and resilience.

Teaching Methods

Going beyond the conservative styles of teaching, Auden encourages demonstrative, collaborative, cooperative, application based and feedback-oriented teaching.

School Information

Welcome to Auden School, a beacon of educational excellence in South Bangalore. As one of the leading CBSE schools, we offer a diverse and stimulating learning environment, emphasizing critical thinking and problem-solving. Our facilities, including advanced labs, a vast library, and interactive classrooms, are crafted for an engaging experience, integrating technology for digital-age readiness.
We take pride in our vibrant student community, celebrating diversity and individuality. Students are nurtured to be curious thinkers, compassionate, and globally aware. Our experienced and dedicated teachers are the backbone of Auden School, providing a nurturing environment for students to thrive..
Enrolling at Auden means becoming part of a community that values excellence in education, character development, and the pursuit of one's passions. Discover why we are among the best CBSE schools in South Bangalore, and embark on a transformative educational journey with us.

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