Time : Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 4:30pm Sat: 8:30am - 01:30pm
1 st standard to 4 th standard.

Primary section starts from 1 st standard to 4 th standard. The all round development continues along with academic focus and achievement. Every aspect of the activity conducted in the school focuses on the knowledge enrichment in the child.

The curriculum is formulated in such a way, that all aspects of formal education and co – curricular development happens in every single child. The curriculum does not pressurize the student. Equal focus on all aspects of formal education is provided so that no student lacks behind in the class.

To ensure that children enjoy the schooling process teachers involve a lot of activity based learning process. Most of the class room explanations of the concepts are well planned using story narrations, audio-visual clips, live examples, seminars, and activities. ‘Gyan Pro’ – an activity based teaching material, where students learn science concepts through activities was a success in the learning process. Qualities like reasoning, analysis, critical thinking, and creativity are encouraged in this phase.

To enrich the mental wellness among our students, regular yoga classes have been allotted. Here students learn about various asanas, pranayamas and the benefits of the same in detail. As a stress buster, music classes too are conducted where students get to know a lot about different songs, lyricist and musicians.

To encourage the students in performance arts, we have regular dance classes, where they learn traditional and contemporary dance forms which are majorly theme based. These inclusions in the curriculum help in the child developing social and cultural connections along with the formal education which will result in producing a humane human to the society.