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The early years of schooling is always regarded as golden years of investment. it is from here children embark on their educational journey. Early education lays the foundation not only for future academic success but also social achievements. It is a known fact that education builds character. To support the young ones in this endeavor we have one of the best and specialized team of teachers with us.

Children start this journey at the age of 2 years and 10 months. The well-trained team of teachers provides a sense of enthusiasm and willingness towards new learning in the young minds. We have witnessed a good adjustment of the students to the friendly yet formal environment present in our school. Socializing, exploring, creativity, curiosity, speaking English, listening attentively, interacting with peers appropriately, being independent [age- appropriate] are the few life-skills which are initially focused for the personality development in the young ones. This has resulted in the child developing a new positive outlook towards schooling.